Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Welcome to Cape Town Photography

This blog is about Cape Town and doing photography in Cape Town. A brand new blog about photos, life in Cape Town and documenting life in Cape Town via a camera.

This is my first time on blogspot, although in 2005 I did have a peek onto this blogging thing.  There are so many photography things online about Cape Town already but ok, i dont expect to be some famous snapper overnight.

My third paragraph and i'm finding this blogging blogspot thing quite fun already. May i can upload pictures from a phone onto this thing.

I've been taking photos since about 2003 when on my wedding i bought a Fuji camera with a massive 3 mega pixel photo quality. It cost half our wedding money.

In 2005 we got another camera, this time a pixel something. I cant even remember the name of the camera.

Then in 2007 we got a Canon 450D with a super lens, a 18-200mm sigma lens. This was obviously overkill for a happy snapper but from there on I became a journalist, an event photographer among other things.

In 2012 I kind of lost my nick for doing photos of random events and even doing photography in and around the home.

Usually i took photos of the entire Helderberg, Sea Point, Clifton, Camps Bay etc. Now days I barely touch a camera.

Lets see if this blog can change that. Maybe i become a photographer once again and capture Cape Town's beautiful sunsets and sunrises, or the beautiful and magnificent cityscape and the views from the mountains.

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